Client related

a screen shot of Marc Bobin D&D's website

Marc Bobin | D&D
(php Website)

I have created Marc Bobin | D&D with php as a single page website with multi-page feeling. I have used templates for the header and footer, I have dynamically output the date for the copyright, and the headings in the header depending on what page is clicked on.

I used Sass to work easily with variables for my colours and sizes.

Bootstrap was used to help me build a responsive website faster, but I have created the burger menu by myself.

Lastly, I used JavaScript for my animations and to hide my email address from the source page.

a screen shot of caitlin mcneil therapist's website

Caitlin McNeil - Therapist

Cailtin McNeil was my client during my Webmaster Program at Seneca College.

She is a social worker in Ontario and needed a website to attract new customers for her private practice, and to be a place to refer her colleagues to.

She wanted her website to have a calming and relaxing feeling and wanted to show pictures of landscapes of Scotland.

I built this website from scratch, using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript/jQuery.
php was also used for the form validation.

It was such a great pleasure to work with Caitlin.

a screen shot of caitlin mcneil therapist's portal

Client Portal

During this project client, I was asked to create a client portal where my client was able to connect and see her website's progress.

I had to create a progress bar and I got this idea of slowly revealing this picture of two hands reaching each other. One of my instructor helped me find a solution to make this idea reality.

The client had access to all the documents such as the outcome of meetings (the actual documents have been removed), the proposal (some information about this proposal is fictitious), the wireframes and mockups, and the prototypes of her website.

School related

a screen shot of chew martine's website

Good Planning Leads to Good Design

One of the assignments during my program was to build a website from scratch for a fictitious/pretend client with a small business, with an original design. I chose a French Bakery theme.

The particularity with this assignment was that it was the first time we had to see the other side of being a web developer.

I did a Research, Benchmark and Analysis of the French Bakery Market in Toronto, and a Design Rationale to help with design decisions.

I loved doing this assignment, and I am happy with the final look.

I received a 93% grade for this work.

a screen shot of glove actually's website

It’s Glove, Actually (php assignment)

For this final assignment of the program, my task was to review the supplied files (HTML and CSS codes) and develop a DRY solution that uses php for all logic and processing.

The finished website had to maintain its existing aesthetic whilst satisfying the following requirements:

  • dynamically output content by using an array
  • create a function for the current year and dynamically output it
  • dynamically output the banner, the title and the lead text
  • template the header and footer
  • single-page site with multi-page feel by using the $_GET superglobal and flow control
  • harvest user's email address with the $_POST global

I really enjoyed this assignment and obtained a 100% grade for this work, which I am very proud of.


dracula in his red robe hiding his face with his hands

Movie Poster

I love Photoshop, and when I read about this assignment, I was very excited!

Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula is one of my favorite movies and it was natural to choose it, as I thought the theme would suit very well the purpose of the assignment.

I was asked to create a poster of a movie of my choice, using all the Photoshop technics I have learned in class, such as blending images, the selection tool to get rid of a background or replace an element with the content aware, etc.

I was asked to use a minimum of 5 images and to add a tagline, the names of the actors and all the necessary credits.

I received a 98% grade for this poster.

a screen shot of caitlin mcneil therapist website's mockup

Client Mockups

During this program, we have learnt the importance of mockups in the process of the creation of a website.

As I said, I love Photoshop and, again, it was a pleasure to work on my client's mockups.

I was asked to organize all the layers with best practices, to select a font that suits my client's field, to create a simple logo, and to create a single website page based on this mockup.

This is the last one I have made, the one that my client chose, and the one I used to create her website.

I was graded 96% for this assignment.


Marc Bobin D&D written in white color on a dark background

MB Websites

For my own website, I wanted a simple logo.

I used Adobe Illustrator and used the colour theme of the website.

caitlin mcneil written in white on a dark gray background and therapist underneath written the opposite way

Caitlin McNeil

This is the simple logo I created for my client's mockup assignment, using Adobe Illustrator.

My client thought it suited well the general feeling of the website and decided to keep it!

chez martine written with an eiffel tower replacing the a

Chez Martine - French Bakery

This logo was created for one of my assignments, using Adobe Photoshop.

With this logo, I tried to incorporate the feeling of a French Bakery, as we can find in Paris.